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Concrete mixing plant test and inspection work can not be ignored
- Jan 10, 2017 -

Concrete mixing plant in the course of the experiment, in accordance with relevant standards for testing of raw materials and concrete testing is the theoretical basis for quality control, it should give full play to the quality of daily testing and quality control in the role of management. Batch testing of raw materials must be carried out carefully, and should be regularly produced on-site sampling of concrete mixing test, by mixing test of the workability of concrete and so on. Conditional units are better able to carry out concrete fast test, to grasp the strength of concrete changes in the production process to provide the basis for quality control.

Concrete mixing plant quality inspectors in the concrete quality control has an important responsibility, is the quality control of the main. Concrete in the production process there are many factors that affect its quality, the relevant personnel in the whole process has the effect of eliminating the adverse effects, but the quality inspector has the responsibility to catch the last hurdle, the ultimate quality of concrete plays a key role. Quality inspectors of concrete raw materials and production processes play a professional supervision and inspection role in the scene with the construction, supervision and communication role, good communication is a smooth co-operation of the lubricant, to eliminate a lot of unnecessary misunderstanding.


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