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Concrete mixing plant to normalize before normal operation
- Dec 02, 2016 -

Construction of standardized concrete mixing plant is the primary task of environmental protection. Concrete mixing plant site hardening, planting green vegetation on both sides of the road. Concrete mixing plantsite to do closed work to prevent the production process of powder around the proliferation of pollution of the atmosphere. Concrete mixing plant in the production process of sewage to the secondary water treatment and then standardize emissions, reduce water pollution.

Construction of a standardized concrete mixing plant is the secondary task of doing a good job of safety. Concrete mixing plant in the production process, pay attention to the safety of staff protection. The operator should be universal safety knowledge, develop safety regulations, the incidence of accidents reduced to a minimum.

In addition, we should pay attention to the concrete mixing plant noise control. For the construction of residential areas near the concrete mixing plant, you can avoid the rest of the residents time to reduce the noise problems.


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