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Principle and Application of Biaxial Mixer
- Aug 07, 2016 -

The biaxial agitator is a screw mixer, its stirring part is two symmetrical synchronous spiral rotors, the two spiral shafts rotate in the same speed and in the opposite direction. Dual-axis mixer driven by the motor can be used to control the rotor speed reducer, to achieve the best mixing effect.

The main components of the biaxial mixer include mechanical housing, two screw shafts, motor drive, linkage, piping and cover, etc., if necessary, dual-axis mixer can also be used with reducer.

Biaxial mixer shell for the metal structure, and more have a good seal, stirring the mixer in a variety of powder materials, to avoid dust leakage and flying problems.

The screw shaft of the biaxial mixer is the most important working part. The two screw shafts rotate in opposite directions. They have bearing housings, bearing sleeves, bearing caps, blades and linkage. Twin-axis mixer screw shaft in the course of running the most serious wear and tear, can be made of corundum ceramics and other wear-resistant materials.


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